Olympic Games 1906 Athens

The Intercalated Games


Sports: 13

Events: 74

National Teams: 21

Participants: 841

Special Awards like cups, statues and trophies

After the 1906 Olympic Games the winners got there winners medals
and an olive wreath for the first three in each event. In additional to the
winner medals a lot of special awards where handed over. But unfortunately
that kind of awards are not completely documented. The folllowing awards
are known and specified:

Kind of Award Donator Recipient
Silver Inkwell Princess Sophia of Greece Winner law tennis
Max Decugis
Copper Cup Princess Sophia of Greece Third place in tennis mixed double,
Aspasia Matsa and
Xeonophon Kasdaglis
Marble statue, Goddes Athene
work of the Greek sculptor
G. Vroutos
Municipal council of Athen Winner Marathon race,
William Sherring, Canada
Two Hermes statues Chamber of Trade, Athen Winner in Rope Climbing
Georgios Aliprantis and
Nikolaos Aliprantis
Trophy Organising Committee
Porcelain vase Education Secretary France
Large silver cup Brothers Mouratis,
Greeks from Great Britain
Different prizes manufactured
in Gold and Silver
P & K Brothers Botasi
Statue Hermes and
Statue Aphrodite
N. Kanellopoulos
Bronzecopy from a wolf from the Capitol in Rome Lordmajor of Rome, Italy
Copy of the Honved monument in Budapest Hungary Greek Team
Copy in copper from a ancient discus thrower Victor Balck Greek gymnastic clubs
Cup Winner discus throwing
Greek style,
Werner Järvinnen, Finland
Large silver badge Winner discus throwing
free style
Martin Sheridan, USA
Together about 50 spezial awards

olympic award 1906

Silver Inkwell, donator was Princess Sophia of Greece
for Max Decugis, winner in law tennis
photo: private collection

olympic award 1906

Detail: silver Inkwell
photo: private collection

olympic award 1906

Copper Cup
Third place in tennis mixed double,
Aspasia Matsa and Xeonophon Kasdaglis
photo: Book "100 years Lawn Tennis Club Athens , 1895 - 1995"

olympic award 1906

Nikolaos Aliprantis (right) and Georgios Aliprantis (left)
with different spezial awards on the table
Photo: Book "Olympische Siege, Sportverlag Berlin"

olympic award 1906

Throphy of Hermes carrying the world
presented to the gold medal winner in rope climbing
Georgios Aliprantis

photo: Ingrid O`Neil, www.ioneil.com

olympic award 1906

Cup from Georgios Demetriades (1878 - 1941)
source: Official Report 1906 from Savvadis, page 133

olympic award 1906

Paul Harry Pilgrim (USA)
winner 400m and 800 m
with cups and laurel wreaths

olympic award 1906

Silver Plaque won by Martin J. Sheridan
for throwing the disucus (free style, 1. place)

Special thanks to Stratos Klimou for his support: