Olympic Games 1900 Paris

2nd Olympiad


Sports: 20

Events: 90

National Teams: 28

Participants: 1,224


   Gerneral information Olympic vignettes:

Vignettes are no Olympic postal stamps but advertising stamps. Long before the respective Olympic Games they were expended for promotional purposes.

Most of the vignettes have been issued by private persons, where `as official vignettes are rather rare. Often vignettes can be found on envelopes additional to the normal freight terms. 

The advertising stamps were expended for free and there is no face value imprinted onto them. Basically, they are small posters, that promote the respective upcoming Olympic Games. Advertising stamps with an imprinted face value are considered donation stamps.

There are only Vignettes known from the 1900 Exposition Universelle,

not from the Olympic Games Some Examples:

vignette paris 1900
vignette paris 1900

vignette paris 1900

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Other Olympic Vignettes: