Olympic Games 1996 Atlanta

26th Olympiad


Sports: 31

Events: 271

National Teams: 197

Participants: 10,339


diploma olympic games 1996 atlanta

Size: 21,5 x 30,5 cm
Design by: ACOG design studio
Printed by: unknown
Signed by: IOC President Samaranch and 
Predident of Organising Committee, Billy Payne
Copies: 10.600

Commemorative diplomas were designed in the ACOG design studio and then printed in French and English. The commemorative medals and diplomas were distributed to all accredited members of the Olympic Family through their respective contact at ACOG,e.g., the Media Relations devision of ACOG Communications, AOB, and International Relations. ACOG staff and volunteers also received the diploma.  All moulds of the victory and commemorative medals and sets of the first-to-eighth placed athletes` certificates and commemorative diplomas were given to the IOC, in accordance with the Olympic Charter. 

(Source document:   Official Report 1996,   Vol. I, page 133 )


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