Olympic Games 1968 Mexico City

19th Olympiad


Sports: 20

Events: 172

National Teams: 112

Participants: 5,558

Identity Card

The Registration Center and the Center for the Compilation of Final
Results were created to aid the Department of Sports Technique.
The Registration Center sent out inscription forms, identification documents
and baggage tags; disseminated the statistics obtained in the
various inscription forms; managed the registration and accreditation
of competitors, team officials and assistants; controlled accreditation
of members of the IOC and the international sports federations, technical
officials, judges, representatives of the national Olympic committees
and members of the information media; and supplied information to
all sectors of the Organizing Committee. For its work, the Registration
Center was provided a system of electronic computers by the Department
of the Federal District.

In order to obtain advance figures regarding the Olympic contingents
that would attend the Games in Mexico, and thereby allow appropriate
measures to be taken, the Registration Center sent the national Olympic
committees the following documents: an advance inscription form requesting
information on the approximate number of competitors, team
officials and assistants expected to participate; advance inscription forms
according to sport (fourteen for an equal number of sports having
individual events, and another form that served for the five team sports);
official inscription forms for each country; inscription forms for individual
participants; an inscription form for team officials and assistants
according to number; and an inscription form for team officials and
assistants according to name. The latter four forms were accompanied
by four pamphlets: one containing the requirements and minimum marks
set by the international federations for participation in the Games;
another listing the number of events that made up each of the Olympic
sports, and the maximum number of participants per country; IOC
Regulation 38 and graphics of interest to team officials and assistants;
and a General Program of the Games of the XIX Olympiad.
On the reverse side of the individual inscription form was printed the
contents of IOC Regulations 26 and 27 and the summary of the IOC regulations
concerning women's medical examinations and the use of drugs
and stimulants.

In order that participants could be accredited, fulfill immigration requirements,
and have access to the Olympic Villages and the competition
and training sites, an identification document was designed after consultation
and approval of the Ministry of the Interior. This document
was divided into seven categories, each of which was distinguished by
letters and color:
a) blue, for persons accredited by the International Olympic Committee;
b) gray, for presidents and secretaries general of the international sports federations and the     national Olympic committees and their families;
c) red, for persons accredited by the national Olympic committees according to insert (c) of     IOC Regulation 48, and for officials of the Organizing Committee;
d) yellow, for technical officials, judges and other experts named by the international sports     federations;
e) green for representatives of the information media;
f) brown, for competitors, team officials and assistants; and
g) maroon, for special guests of the Organizing Committee, observers for the next Olympic
    Games and for regional games, and representatives who attended the
    World Youth Camp.

The latter type of document, marked with the initials
COO, was used to accredit personnel of the Organizing Committee itself.
In order that participants could take advantage of special customs facilities
and exemptions allowed by the Mexican authorities, and to facilitate
the identification and delivery of personal belongings, tags and
stickers were designed for hanging or sticking on baggage, their colors
corresponding to those of the identification documents of their owners.

(Source document: Official Report, Vol. 2, page 126)

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