Olympic Games 1908 London

4th Olympiad


Sports: 24

Events: 109

National Teams: 22

Participants: 2,024

The Challenge Prizes

In addition to the Medals and Diplomas, which were the only awards that could be kept by the recipient as his personal property, the following Challenge Cups  were given, each of which was insured by the  British Olympic Council for sums varying from  L 100 to L 300 :-

(1) The Brunetta Statuette for Rowing.

(2) The Brunetta Trophy for Swimming.
(3) The Football Association's Trophy.
(4) The Gold and Silversmiths' Cup for Wrestling.
(5) The Hurlingham Trophy for Polo.
(6) The International Cup (reproduced from the Pourtales Vase) for Fencing.
(7) The Prince of Wales's Cup for Cycling.
(8) Lord Westbury's Cup for Clay Bird Shooting.

For each of the above Cups, the following agreement, signed by each recipient and countersigned by the President of his National Association, was held by the British Olympic Council :-

The Challenge cups presented in 1908 for races in the olympic games.


We, the undersigned, having been awarded the Challenge Cup for ................ at the Olympic Games of London on July 25, 1908, and the same having been delivered to us by the British Olympic Council, do hereby individually and collectively engage to return the same in good order to the British Olympic Committee on or before January 1, 1912, in accordance with the Rules of the International Olympic Committee, and to be responsible for, and to repair all damage that may occur to the same between July 25, 1908, and January 1, 1912; and if at any time before January 1, 1912, the International Olympic Committee shall have ceased to exist, we hereby engage to send back the Cup to its original donor through the representatives of the British Olympic Committee appointed for that purpose.


Four other Challenge Cups were also presented for these Games, and the agreement for these was left to the care of the International Olympic Committee, to whose charge they were committed for future meetings.

(1) The Greek Trophy for the Marathon Race.
(2) The Prague Trophy for Gymnastics.
(3) The Montgomery Statuette for Discus.
(4) The French Vase for Yachting.

This makes a total of twelve Challenge Cups which will continue in these Games for ever ; and it was a matter of considerable satisfaction to the British Olympic Council that so large and permanent an addition to the prize list of the Games had been made on the occasion of the London meeting.

The Council felt that the principle of giving nothing except medals and diplomas to become the personal property of recipients was the right principle, and that all other prizes should be in the nature of Perpetual Challenge Cups. Their representatives on the International Olympic Committee will use their best endeavours to secure the application of this principle in all future Games in the official cycle.

(Source document:  Official Report 1908, page 43 ff)