Olympic Games 1908 London

4th Olympiad


Sports: 24

Events: 109

National Teams: 22

Participants: 2,024

Participation Medal

Olympic participation Medal 1908 London        Olympic participation Medal 1908 London

Available in 4 different versions
Material: Gilt Silver Weight: 61 gr
Material: Silver Weight: 60 gr
Material: Bronze Weight: 60 gr
Material: Pewter Weight: 47 gr
Diameter: 50,7 mm Design by: Bertram  Mackennal 
Thickness: 5 mm Mint: Vaughton, England
Obverse: A Greek four-horsed chariot. Two men side by side: the driver and the judge, who is ready to reward the winning athlete the victory palm.
Reverse: Winged figure of Fame standing on globe between legend.

participant medal olympic games 1908 london      participant medal olympic games 1908 london

The medal was struck in silver-gilt, silver, bronze and metal. The silver gilt, silver and bronze medals were offered to the officials and those who did not compete. A commemorative medal in metal was given to each participant with his competitors badge.

Presentation Case

participant medal olympic games 1908 london


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