Olympic Games 1984 Los Angeles

23th Olympiad


Sports: 26

Events: 221

National Teams: 140

Participants: 6,791

Participation Medal

Olympic participation medal 1984          olympic participation medal 1984

Material: Bronze Weight: 94 gr
Diameter: 60 mm Design by: Dugald Stermer
Thickness: 5 mm Mint: Jostens, Inc.
Obverse: Olympic torch
Reverse: Los Angeles Olympic emblem over Olympic rings and laurel branches.

The commemorative medals and the certificates were produced by Jostens. The medals, which were bronze in color and encased in a blue velvet box, were delivered to the villages7 July 1984. A total of 12,500 medals were delivered (7,000 to the USC Village, 4,500 to the UCLA Village and 1,000 to the UCSB Village) in time to be distributed with the athletes’ and officials’ gift packs. Additional medals were delivered for IOC/NOC officials (1,400) and technical officials/jury members (2,000).

(Source document:  Official Report 1984, page 226)

participation medal olympic games los angeles 1984

Presentation box

Participation Diploma 1984 Los Angeles


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