Olympic Games 1984 Los Angeles

23th Olympiad


Sports: 26

Events: 221

National Teams: 140

Participants: 6,791


poster olympic games 1984 los angeles

Design by: Robert Rauschenberg
Size: 60 x 90 cm
Comment: There are 15 different posters

  Olympic signature poster series

The LAOOC commissioned an Olympic signature poster series in December of 1983. Twelve noted graphic designers were chosen from the Los Angeles area, each to depict a particular sport of the Olympic Games. The artists included:
Laurie Raskin (collage); 
Arnold Schwartzman (cycling); 
Keith Bright (torch pictogram); 
Marvin Rubin (gymnastics); 
Saul Bass (swimming);
John Von Hammersveld (javelin); 
Charles White Ill (weightlifting); Ken
Parkhurst (shot put); 
Rod Dyer (wrestling); 
Deborah Sussman (collage); 
James Cross (discus); and 
Don Weller (athletics). 

The requirements
were that the official Games typography be used, adherence to the color palette be maintained and that there be no duplication of sports. Photos and sketches were submitted to the LAOOC for review prior to final design of the posters.

( Source document:   Official Report 1984, Vol. 1, page 300)

  Ernie Barnes Olympic Games sports posters

Ernie Barnes, an athlete turned artist, was commissioned by the LAOOC and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce to draw on his sports experience and knowledge to create Olympic-related art. The posters sought to portray the ethnic diversity of Los Angeles, the power and emotion of sports competition and the singleness of purpose and hope that go into the making of athletes. Specific sports served as central themes in four of the posters, with community involvement the theme of the fifth poster. The posters were entitled: The Rhythmic Gymnast, The Finish (Track and Field), One-on-One (Basketball), Winning (Boxing) and The Neighborhood Games.

( Source document:   Official Report 1984, Vol. 1, page 297)



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