Olympic Games 1928 Amsterdam

9th Olympiad


Sports: 17

Events: 122

National Teams: 46

Participants: 3,248


poster olympic games 1928 amsterdam

Design by: Joseph Hohannes Rovers
Size: 24 x 39 cm (small)
Copies small: 45.000
Size: 62 x 100 cm (large)
Copies large: 10.000
Comment: Print office: Messrs. Joh. Enschede &
sons, Haarlem

  The Poster 1928

to which the Committee attached great value, the more so as the circulation  of such a poster was part and parcel of the international tradition. No prize was offered for the design of the poster, as the Committee wished to retain the right of judging the designs sent in; and if a prize were offered it was not certain whether the design selected by the jury appointed for the purpose would be in keeping with the idea cherished by the Committee.

Several Dutch artists were therefore privately approached and invited to send in designs; and a large number was duly received. After sifting them several times the Committee eventually selected four designs from which a choice should be made, and ultimately decided to use the one sent in by Mr. J. ROVERS, whose original design was slightly altered and re-done. For his effort Mr. ROVERS was paid the 500 guilders which had been voted for the purpose.

This poster, which has become universally known, and which the critics have not spared, but which nevertheless attained its object, was reproduced in two sizes by Messrs. JOH. ENSCHEDÉ & SONS, at Haarlem with whom Mr. ROVERS was engaged. In September 1927 10.000 copies were delivered. As the Dutch Railways had promised to assist in distributing the posters, a number of them bore the inscription Netherlands Railways in the language of the country to which it was proposed to send them e. g. 150 inscribed "Nederlandsche Spoorwegen / Chemins de Fer Néerlandais" for Holland and Belgium, 500 inscribed "Chemins de Fer Néerlandais" for France, 500 inscribed "Niederländische Eisenbahne" for Germany, 100 inscribed "Netherlands Railways" for England.

These posters were hung at the stations, while others were distributed among the sporting bodies, travel offices throughout Holland, hotels and Enquiry Offices for Tourists. The cooperation of a number of Burgomasters was moreover requested and secured with a view to displaying the posters in their municipalities.

For distribution outside of Holland the Committee was pleased to take advantage of the services of the national Olympic Committees, the international travel offices and the International Federation of Hotel keepers, through whose medium the posters found their way to many hotels and smaller places abroad. How the posters were dispatched is explained below.

(Source document:   Official report 1928, page 217)


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