Olympic Games 1928 Amsterdam

9th Olympiad


Sports: 17

Events: 122

National Teams: 46

Participants: 3,248

Olympic Art Competition

   Art Competitions

In order to act as much as possible in the spirit and in keeping with the intentions of the founder and Honorary Chairman of the Olympic Games, Baron PIERRE DE COUBERTIN, who has wholeheartedly promoted and propagated the unity of SPORT AND ART with the greatest fervour, the Committee was of opinion that the organisation of the Art Contests (Concours d’Art) which, according to the General Regulations, form a component part of the programme, should be treated with much care. To assure the special success of the Art Contests, an Art Section was created, and Mr. C. W. H. BAARD, director of the Municipal Museum at Amsterdam, acted as Chairman.

As Mr. BAARD’S time was largely taken up by his post in the Municipal Museum, a collaborator had to be appointed who was capable of quite independent action in the actual work of setting up the whole organisation, and who, at the same time, could act as secretary of the Section. The selection was very difficult, for it was essential to find a man whose knowledge of art was combined with tact and adaptability in his intercourse with artists, while, in the first place, he could not be selected from among the creative artists, nor was he to be considered as an official. The Committee was very fortunate in its selection, as Mr. J. W. TEILLERS of the Hague expressed his willingness to undertake the function of secretary of this Section, and consequently assumed responsibility for the greater part of the voluminous work. The Committee is very much indebted to Mr. TEILLERS, because he took the organisation in hand with so much expert knowledge and with great application, and completed it to the satisfaction of all concerned.


Opening of the Exhibition

On July 12th 1928 the exhibition was opened in the presence of His Excellency Mr. M. A. M. WASZINK, Minister of Education, Arts and Science, Mr. TH. M. KETELAAR, representing the Amsterdam Municipal Council, members of the International Olympic Committee, members of the Dutch Olympic Committee and a large number of invited guests, who, after the opening ceremony had been performed, made a tour of the exhibition. Before giving a review of the results of the Art Contests, it may be mentioned that the exhibition comprised about 1150 works of art (appearing in the illustrated catalogue under 651 numbers), including about 450 architectural models, drawings and photographs, 255 sculptures, including about 80 medals and reliefs, and about 460 paintings, drawings and graphic works belonging to 18 countries.

The sculptures of very large dimensions were exhibited in and around the Stadium, thereby contributing to the adornment of this splendid sports ground.

The contest for literature comprised 40 entries divided among 10 countries; 20 being lyric, 5 dramatic and 15 epic works. In the music section there were 22 entries from 9 countries; 5 vocal compositions, 9 orchestral and 8 for one instrument. The exhibition was very well attended, which will be clear from the fact that more than 10.000 persons visited it. This exhibition would undoubtedly have been still more important as an artistic event if the artists had not been restricted in the choice of subject, but in that case the mutual influencing of Sport and Art would not be attained, which is undeniably brought about by these regularly fouryearly shows.

That the artistic value of the entries was of a high standard may be deduced from the fact that there were very important works of art which had been awarded prizes at former large and successful general exhibitions, which did not succeed in carrying off a prize now, while it was clearly apparent that the co-ordination aimed at between Sport and Art had been attained, as was especially pronounced in the architectural entries. At the same time it was proved that the groups of entries selected by commissions with expert knowledge of artistic matters or by expert official bodies yielded the best results, and that each branch of art was represented in the best possible way.

Source document:  Official Report 1928 Amsterdam, page 877 ff.


The prizes were awarded as follows:


Architectural Designs:

1928 1st Jan Wils NED Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam
2nd Ejnar Mindedal Rasmussen DEN  Swimming pool in Ollerup
3rd Jacques Georges Lambert  FRA  The Versailles Stadium

Jan Wils, Stade d`Amsterdam

Jan Wils  /  Stade d`Amsterdam

Designs for Town Planning:

1928 1st Adolf Hensel  GER Das Stadion zu Nürnberg
2nd Jacques Georges Lambert FRA The Versailles Stadium
3rd Max Läuger GER The Hamburg City Park

Das Stadion zu Nürnberg, Adolf Hensel

Das Stadion zu Nürnberg, Adolf Hensel



1928 1st Edwin Grienauer AUT Medals
2nd Christiaan Hohannes van Hoef NED Olympic Medals
3rd Edwin Scharff GER Plaque

Medal, Edwin Grienauer

Medal, Edwin Grienauer


1928 1st Paul Landowski  FRA Boxer
2nd Milo Martin SUI Athlete at Rest
3rd Renée Sintenis GER Footballer

Drawings and Water-Colors:

1928 1st Jean Jacoby LUX Rugby
2nd Alexandre Virot FRA Football Player
3rd Wladyslaw Skoczylas POL Archer

Jean Jacoby, Rugby

Jean Jacoby  /  Rugby

Other Graphics Arts:

1928 1st William Nicholson GBR Twelve branches of sport carved in wood
2nd Carl Moos SUI Poster "Athletics"
3rd Max Feldbauer GER Mailcoach


1928 1st Isaäc Israels  NED The Red Rider
2nd Laura Knight GBR Boxers
3rd Walther Klemm GER Skating

Isaäc Israels, Cavalier rouge

Isaäc Israels  /  Cavalier rouge


Dramatic Works:

1928 1st no prize was awarded
2nd Lauro Adolfo De Bossis  ITA Icarus
3rd no prize was awarded

Epic Works:

1928 1st Ferenc Mezö  HUN History of the Olympic Games
2nd Ernst Weiß GER Boetius von Orlamünde
3rd Carel Theodorus Scharten + NED The Fool in the Maremmen
Margo Scharten-Antink


1928 1st Kazimierz Wierzynski  POL Olympic Laurels
2nd Rudolf Georg Binding GER Rider`s Instructions to his Lover
3rd Christian Johannes Weltzer DEN Heroic Symphony

Compositions for Orchestra of All Kinds:

1928 1st no prize was awarded
2nd no prize was awarded
3rd Rudolph Hermann Simonsen DEN Symphony No. 2 "Hellas"

Other Olympic art competition: