Olympic Games 1928 Amsterdam

9th Olympiad


Sports: 17

Events: 122

National Teams: 46

Participants: 3,248


The issuing of tickets, which incurred much administration for the Committee and much annoyance for the holders, was found to be necessary in connexion with the amusement tax, seeing the authorities in charge of such matters could not see their way to acquiesce in the use of badges only as was done in Paris, among other places, where no tax was levied. Nevertheless, badges were designed and manufactured so as not to break with custom and because it was known how both contestants and officials appreciated such badges and treasured them as souvenirs.

The badges were struck at the works of the Royal Begeer at Voorschoten. By way of further distinction different coloured ribbons were attached to the badges according to the function of the wearer:

Source document:   (Official Report 1928, page 126)

List of all Official Badges 1928:

C.O.N., Member
C.O.N., President
IF President, Athletics
IF President, Boxing
IF President, Cycling
IF President, Equestrian
IF President, Fencing
IF President, Football
IF President, Gymnastics
IF President, Hockey
IF President, Modern Pentathlon
IF President, Rowing
IF President, Swimming
IF President, Weightlifting
IF President, Wrestling
IF President, Yachting
IF Secretary, Athletics  
IF Secretary, Boxing
IF Secretary, Cycling
IF Secretary, Equestrian
IF Secretary, Fencing
IF Secretary, Football
IF Secretary, Gymnastics
IF Secretary, Hockey
IF Secretary, Modern Pentathlon
IF Secretary, Rowing
IF Secretary, Swimming
IF Secretary, Weightlifting
IF Secretary, Wrestling
IF Secretary, Yachting
Jury, Athletics
Jury, Boxing
Jury, CIO
Jury, Cycling
Jury, Equestrian
Jury, Fencing
Jury, Football
Jury, Gymnastics
Jury, Hockey
Jury, Modern Pentathlon
Jury, Rowing
Jury, Swimming
Jury, Weightlifting
Jury, Wrestling
Jury, Yachting
Organizing Committee, Official  
Participant, Concurrent
Press, Presse  

Other Olympic Official Badges: