Olympic Games 1936 Berlin

11th Olympiad


Sports: 24

Events: 150

National Teams: 49

Participants: 4,484



   Badges 1936:

A task of particular importance was that of designing the Olympic badge which was to be worn by every athlete and person connected with the Games in an official capacity, denoting at the same time the function of the wearer. It was decided to follow the example of Los Angeles and to provide a combination of medal and ribbon. Of the seven artists who participated in the competition, the jury selected the designs of Professor Walter Raemisch as the most suitable. He combined the landmark of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, and the five connected rings symbolizing the Olympic Games in a most effective manner. This badge could be attached to ribbons of different colours and also contained space for engraving the function of the wearer. Tombac plated with antique silver was selected as the metal for these badges and Messrs. Lauer, Nuremberg, were commissioned with their production, The company performed its task to complete satisfaction, producing the 14,000 badges necessary because of the unusually large participation in good time before the opening of the Games. 

The five Olympic rings having already been utilized as a publicity badge for the Games as early as 1935 with a total sale of 400,000, the Organizing Committee decided to produce a special visitor's badge to be sold after the opening of the Festival. Professor Raemisch was also entrusted with the designing of this emblem, and utilized the landmark of Berlin and the Olympic rings, this time, however, the rings being placed under the Brandenburg Gate. An extremely attractive badge was the result, 675,000 being produced in Tombac and ivory enamel. The same design was enlarged to form an automobile plaque, the sale of these being restricted to limited circles. As a gesture of honour to the former Olympic victors, the Organizing Committee arranged a reception during the course of the Games for which occasion a special badge was created, this revealing the symbolic wreath held in a raised hand. An open space was also left for the engraving of the name of the victor and the Olympic Festival in which he attained his victory. Messrs. Poellath in Schrobenhausen were entrusted with the production of these badges.

(Source document:    Official Report 1936, page 125)

List of all Official Badges 1936:

Chef de Mission, NOK
IF President, Athletics
IF President, Baseball
IF President, Basketball
IF President, Boxing
IF President, Canoeing
IF President, Cycling
IF President, Equestrian
IF President, Fencing
IF President, Football
IF President, Gliding
IF President, Gymnastics
IF President, Handball
IF President, Hockey
IF President, Modern Pentathlon
IF President, Polo
IF President, Rowing
IF President, Shooting
IF President, Swimming
IF President, Weightlifting
IF President, Wresling
IF President, Yachting
IF Secretary, Athletics
IF Secretary, Baseball
IF Secretary, Basketball
IF Secretary, Boxing
IF Secretary, Canoeing
IF Secretary, Cycling
IF Secretary, Equestrian
IF Secretary, Fencing
IF Secretary, Footbll
IF Secretary, Gliding
IF Secretary, Gymnastics
IF Secretary, Handball
IF Secretary, Hockey
IF Secretary, Modern Pentathlon
IF Secretary, Polo
IF Secretary, Rowing
IF Secretary, Shooting
IF Secretary, Swimming
IF Secretary, Weightlifting
IF Secretary, Wrestling
IF Secretary, Yachting
Judge, Art
Judge, Athletics
Judge, Basketball
Judge, Boxing
Judge, Canoeing
Judge, Cycling
Judge, Equestrian
Judge, Fencing
Judge, Football
Judge, Gymnastics
Judge, Handball
Judge, Hockey
Judge, Honour
Judge, Modern Pentathlon
Judge, Polo
Judge, Rowing
Judge, Shooting
Judge, Swimming
Judge, Weightlifting
Judge, Wrestling
Judge, Yachting
Kraft., Fahrdienst
Media, Film
Media, Foto
Media, Radio
Medical, Stab
OC Official, Athletics
OC Official, Athletics 2
OC Official, Basketball
OC Official, Boxing
OC Official, Canoeing
OC Official, Cycling
OC Official, Equestrian
OC Official, Fencing
OC Official, Football
OC Official, Gymnastics
OC Official, Handball
OC Official, Hockey
OC Official, Modern Pentathlon
OC Official, Polo
OC Official, Rowing
OC Official, Shooting
OC Official, Swimming
OC Official, Weightlifting
OC Official, Wresling
OC Official, Yachting
Olympic Village, Stab
Organizing Committee, 1
Organizing Committee, 2
Organizing Committee, Personal
Organizing Committee, Stab
Organizing Committee 2, Stab
Participant, Art
Participant, Athletics
Participant, Baseball
Participant, Basketball
Participant, Boxing
Participant, Canoeing
Participant, Cycling
Participant, Equestrian
Participant, Fencing
Participant, Football
Participant, Gliding
Participant, Gymnastics
Participant, Handball
Participant, Hockey
Participant, Modern Pentathlon
Participant, Polo
Participant, Rowing
Participant, Shooting
Participant, Swimming
Participant, Weightlifting
Participant, Wrestling
Participant, Yachting
Press, Presse
Team Captain, Athletics
Team Captain, Basketball
Team Captain, Boxing
Team Captain, Canoeing
Team Captain, Cycling
Team Captain, Fencing
Team Captain, Equestrian  
Team Captain, Football
Team Captain, Gliding
Team Captain, Gymnastics
Team Captain, Handball
Team Captain, Hockey
Team Captain, Modern Pentathlon
Team Captain, Polo
Team Captain, Rowing
Team Captain, Shooting
Team Captain, Swimming
Team Captain, Weightlifting
Team Captain, Wrestling
Team Captain, Yachting

Other Olympic Official Badges: