Olympic Games 1960 Rome

17th Olympiad


Sports: 19

Discipline: 150

National Teams: 83

Participants: 5,351



   Badges and Uniforms 1960

In February plans were made for badges for athletes, directors, judges, etc. and in March 1958 the coinage of the winners' medals and the commemorative medal was approved. Later, a plan for badges of 66 different types was also approved. (Table No. 2). This table shows that 12,341 badges were handed over. In the meantime a total of 16,276 commemorative medals were also distributed.

Besides the badges of the various sports categories and the commemorative medals, the Section, at the beginning of 1960, decided on the types of uniforms which were distributed to officials and personnel of the Organizing Committee. Thus all the technical delegates, competition judges, and timekeepers chosen by the various International Sports Federations had a special uniform, identical in all cases, with the exception of the different badge worn according to the sport practiced. The uniform was made up of grey tropical wool cloth consisting of: a single-breasted jacket with three buttons and patch-pockets; on the pocket of the jacket was applied the symbol of the Rome Olympic Games for members of the Organizing Committee; trousers of the same material; white shirt; silk tie with the official badge of the Games; blue leather belt; white socks; white and black shoes. Judges and timekeepers only were also provided, when on competition sites in the open, with a transparent raincoat.

The women also had a uniform made in the same cloth, styled like a " chemisier " dress with open pointed collar, with side pleats on the front of the bodice running from collar to waist. The badge was attached to the sleeves. The skirt was stitched to the bodice also with pleats all round and two side pockets hidden in the pleats. A belt and bag in black canvas with white leather ornamentation in front was also provided, the bag with white leather shoulder strap and fastening.

(Source document:   Official Report 1960, Vol., I, page 441)

List of all Official Badges 1960:

Athlete, Athletics
Athlete, Basketball
Athlete, Boxing
Athlete, Canoe and Rowing
Athlete, Cycling
Athlete, Equetrian
Athlete, Fencing
Athlete, Gymnastics
Athlete, Hockey
Athlete, Modernb Pentathlon
Athlete, Shooting
Athlete, Soccer
Athlete, Swimming
Athlete, Weightlifting
Athlete, Wrestling
Athlete, Yachting
Chef de Mission, Capo Missione
Coach, Athletics
Coach, Basketball
Coach, Boxing
Coach, Canoeing and Rowing
Coach, Cycling
Coach, Equestian
Coach, Fencing
Coach, Football
Coach, Gymnastics
Coach, Hockey
Coach, Modern Pentathlon
Coach, Shooting
Coach, Swimming
Coach, Weightlifting
Coach, Wrestling
Coach, Yachting
International Federation, FIS
Judge, Athletics
Judge, Basketball
Judge, Boxing
Judge, Canoeing and rowing
Judge, Cycling
Judge, Equestrian
Judge, Fencing
Judge, Football
Judge, Gymnastics
Judge, Hockey
Judge, Modern Pentathlon
Judge, Shooting
Judge, Weightlifting
Judge, Wrestling
Judge, Yachting
Organizing Committee, Director
Organizing Committee, Official
Red Cross
Servizio, Japanese Mission
Servizio, Medical
Time Keeper

Other Olympic Official Badges: