Olympic Games 1956 Melbourne

16th Olympiad


Sports: 18

Events: 145

National Teams: 67

Participants: 3,189


   Badges 1956

The symbol of the Organizing Committee was used for the badges, which were 2" x 1¼" in size. Coloured ribbon, appropriately stamped, denoting the category of the wearer or his sport was attached to each badge.

Once again the principle was adopted of using the badges for souvenir and identification purposes only and not to admit the wearer to any venue.

It was also decided that where a recipient, because of the positions he held, was entitled to more than one badge, he would be given the badge and ribbon corresponding to the highest Olympic position held.

Numbers were estimated by referring to previous celebrations of the Olympic Games and by correlating these figures with the numbers expected to attend in Melbourne. In addition, every Australian sporting governing body provided a list of its officials and appropriate numbers were ordered.

Four types of badges were provided instead of three as at previous Games, because it was felt that the competitors should be grouped separately and given a distinctive badge. The following types of badges, therefore, were issued :—
(a)  Gilt with white enamelled border and with               For guests of honour and high
enamelled rings, torch and Australia                              officials
(b)   Silver oxidized with blue enamelled border            For sports and team officials
and with enamelled rings, torch and
(c)   Silver oxidized with maroon enamelled                  For competitors only
border and with enamelled rings, torch
and Australia
(d)   Bronze with dark green enamelled border             For press, photographers, 
and with enamelled rings, torch and                               broadcasters, and television
Australia                                                                            and filming operators.
The number of badges ordered and issued are listed at the end of this report.

olympic games 1956 Melbourne badge

Method of Distribution
The following method of distribution of badges and commemorative medals was
adopted :—
International Olympic Committee.
Sent to each member individually at his hotel

Sports Officials.
(a) International : By the respective International Federation upon
submission of a list of personnel involved
(b) Australian : By the secretary of the Australian governing body

Presidents, secretaries, and members of National Olympic Committees, team officials
and competitors.
Badges and commemorative medals for these groups were handed to representatives of each national team after receipt of the nominal roll containing names and categories of the complete delegation

By the Press Department of the Organizing Committee. The press were not entitled to commemorative medals

By the Organizing Committee at a meeting of attaches three weeks before the commencement of the Games

Other groups.
By the Technical Department

Plastic Badges.
In addition to the enamelled badges ordered, it was decided to provide plastic badges to distinguish lesser officials and interpreters. Thus 1,350 badges labelled "Official" and 500  with the designation "Interpreter" were provided. Recipients of plastic badges were not entitled to commemorative medals.

(Source document:   Official Report 1956, page 102)

List of all Official Badges 1956 Melbourne:

Arena manager
Chef de Mission
Civic, Committee
Guest, Honour
Housing, Director
Housing, Member
IF President, Athletics
IF President, Basketball
IF President, Boxing
IF President, Canoeing
IF President, Cycling
IF President, Fencing
IF President, Football
IF President, Gymnastics
IF President, Hockey
IF President, Modern Petathlon
IF President,Rowing
IF President, Shooting
IF President, Swimming
IF President, Weightlifting
IF President, Wrestling
IF President, Yachting
IF Secretary, Athletics
IF Secretary, Basketball
IF Secretary, Boxing
IF Secretary, Canoeing
IF Secretary, Cycling
IF Secretary, Fencing
IF Secretary, Football
IF Secretary, Gymnastics
IF Secretary, Hockey
IF Secretary, Modern Pentathlon
IF Secretary, Rowing
IF Secretary, Shooting
IF Secretary, Swimming 
IF Secretary, Weightlifting
IF Secretary, Wrestling
IF Secretary, Yachting
IOC, Chancellor
IOC, President
IOC, Vice President
Medicine, Medical
NOC, Member
NOC, President
NOC, Secretary
Official, Athletics
Official, Basketball
Official, Boxing
Official, Canoeing
Official, Cycling
Official, Demonstration
Official, Fencing
Official, Football
Official, Gymnastics
Official, Hockey
Official, Modern Penthathlon
Official, Rowing
Official, Shooting
Official, Swimming
Official, Weightlifting
Official, Wrestling
Official, Yachting
Organizing Committee, Adm. Dir.
Organizing Committee, Chairman
Organizing Committee, Director
Organizing Committee, Executive
Organizing Committee, Member
Organizing Committee, President
Organizing Committee, Secretary
Organizing Committee, Sub - Com.
Participant, Athletics
Participant, Basketball
Participant, Boxing
Participant, Canoeing
Participant, Cycling
Participant, Demontration
Participant, Fencing
Participant, Football
Participant, Gymnastics
Participant, Hockey
Participant, Modern Petathlon
Participant, Rowing
Participant, Shooting
Participant, Swimming
Participant, Weightlifting
Participant, Wrestling
Participant, Yachting
Press, Director
Team, Official


Other Olympic Official Badges: