Olympic Games 1956 Melbourne

16th Olympiad


Sports: 18

Events: 145

National Teams: 67

Participants: 3,189

Postage Stamps

2 special stamps were published.
First Day:    01. Dez.  1954 + 30. Nov. 1955

Engraver: ?
Designer: ?

Value Colour / Discription Stanley
Gibbons No
Scott No Michel No Edition
2 Sh brt. blue
Symbol Olympic Games
280  286  259 3.204.000
2 Sh bluish grn. 
Symbol Olympic Games
281  277  250 3.936.000

4 special stamps were published 1956
First Day: 31. Okt. 1956

Engraver: ?
Designer: ?

Value Colour / Discription Stanley
Gibbons No
Scott No Michel No Edition
 4 P carmine-red
Arms of Melbourne
290  288  266 119.209.880
7 1/2 P. deep bright blue
Olympic Torch and Symbol
291  289  267 4.602.000
1 Sh multicoloured
Collins Street, Melbourne
292  290  268 7.500.000
2 Sh multicoloured
Melbourne across R. Yarra
293  291  269 7.500.000

olympic games postage stamps 1956 melbourne

   Special Stamps 1956

The first postage stamp featuring the Games (of two shillings denomination) was issued on 1st November, 1954. Its design was based on the Olympic poster and was printed in blue. This design was used again twelve months later but was then printed in green. The total distributed was 7,140,320.

From 31st October, 1956, Olympic stamps of other denominations were on sale ;
119,309,880 of the 4d. series, 4,602,000 of the 7½d. and 7,500,000 each of the 1s. and 2s. stamps were printed.

The 4d. design, showing the armorial crest of the City of Melbourne and the 7½d. showing the Olympic torch and the Southern Cross, were designed and printed by the Commonwealth Bank Note Printing Branch. The 1s. and 2s. stamps, depicting Melbourne scenes, were produced in London and Switzerland respectively by multi-colour photogravure process from colour photograph designs.

On 12th November, 1956, a commemorative aerogramme was issued, of which 4,377,789  were printed. Fifty-two pictorial hand postmarkers depicting sports or venues were provided at Olympic post offices and Philatelic Bureau.

(Source document:   Official report 1956, page 162)

olympic games 1956 melbourne postage stamps

54  special postmarks known


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