Olympic Games 1952 Helsinki

15th Olympiad


Sports: 19

Events: 149

National Teams: 69

Participants: 4,932


   Badges 1952

The symbol of the Games, based on the Stadium tower, appeared on the metal badges worn by participants. In the so-called Golden Badge made for the highest dignitaries of the Games and guests of honour the enamel background of the symbol was pale blue; in the silver badges issued to Chefs de Mission, judges, Olympic attaches and leading officials of the Organising Committee the enamel was dark blue. All others wore bronze badges in which only the Olympic rings and Stadium were in colour.

badge olympic games 1952 helsinki

The ribbons attached to the badges and their wording revealed the wearer's function. In spite of the 218 different ribbons officials would crop up whom none of the functions mentioned on the ribbons fitted. The badge measured 32 x 48 mm. The numbers made were 300 gold, 2,300 silver and 14,000 bronze.

(Source document:   Official Report 1952,  page 111)


List of all Official Badges 1952:

C.O.N., President
Chef de Mission, Adj.
Chef de Mission, Athletics
Chef de Mission, Basketball
Chef de Mission, Boxing
Chef de Mission, Canoeing
Chef de Mission, Cycling
Chef de Mission, Equestrian
Chef de Mission, Fencing
Chef de Mission, Football
Chef de Mission, Gen.
Chef de Mission, Gymnastics
Chef de Mission, Hockey
Chef de Mission, Modern Pentathlon
Chef de Mission, Rowing
Chef de Mission, Shooting
Chef de Mission, Swimming
Chef de Mission, Weightlifting
Chef de Mission, Wrestling
Chef de Mission, Yachting
Chief Official, Athletics
Chief Official, Basketball
Chief Official, Boxing
Chief Official, Canoeing
Chief Official, Cycling
Chief Official, Equestrian
Chief Official, Fencing
Chief Official, Football
Chief Official, Gymnastics
Chief Official, Hockey
Chief Official, Modern Pentathlon
Chief Official, Rowing
Chief Official, Shooting
Chief Official, Swimming
Chief Official, Weightlifting
Chief Official, Wrestling
Chief Official, Yachting
Coach, Athletics
Coach, Basketball
Coach, Boxing
Coach, Canoeing
Coach, Cycling
Coach, Equestrian
Coach, Fencing
Coach, Football
Coach, Gymnastics
Coach, Hockey
Coach, Modern Pentathlon
Coach, Rowing
Coach, Shooting
Coach, Swimming
Coach, Weightlifting
Coach, Wrestling
Coach, Yachting
IF, Athletics
IF, Basketball
IF, Boxing
IF, Canoeing
IF, Cycling
IF, Equestrian
IF, Fencing
IF, Football
IF, Gymnastics
IF, Hockey
IF, Modern Pentathlon
IF, Rowing
IF, Shooting
IF, Swimming
IF, Weightlifting
IF, Wrestling
IF, Yachting
IF President, Athletics
IF President, Basketball
IF President, Boxing
IF President, Canoeing
IF President, Cycling
IF President, Equestrian
IF President, Fencing
IF President, Football
IF President, Gymnastics
IF President, Hockey
IF President, Modern Pentathlon
IF President, Rowing
IF President, Shooting
IF President, Swimming
IF President, Weightlifting
IF President, Wrestling
IF President, Yachting
Invite d´Honneur
IOC, President
Judge, Athletics
Judge, Basketball
Judge, Boxing
Judge, Canoeing
Judge, Cycling
Judge, Equestrian
Judge, Fencing
Judge, Football
Judge, Gymnastics
Judge, Hockey
Judge, Modern Pentathlon
Judge, Rowing
Judge, Shooting
Judge, Swimming
Judge, Weightlifting
Judge, Wrestling
Judge, Yachting
Jury of Appeal, rt
Jury of Appeal, Athletics
Jury of Appeal, Basketball
Jury of Appeal, Boxing
Jury of Appeal, Canoeing
Jury of Appeal, Cycling
Jury of Appeal, Equestrian
Jury of Appeal, Fencing
Jury of Appeal, Gymnastics
Jury of Appeal, Hockey
Jury of Appeal, Modern Pentathlon
Jury of Appeal, Rowing
Jury of Appeal, Shooting
Jury of Appeal, Swimming
Jury of Appeal, Weightlifting
Jury of Appeal, Wrestling
Jury of Appeal, Yachting
Media, Osast.
Media, Osast. Radio
Media, Photo
Media, Photo-Film
Media, Press
Media, Presse
Media, Radio
Media, Toim.
Medicine, 1
Medicine, 2
Medicine, 3
Medicine, 4
Medicine, 5
Medicine, 6
Medicine, 7
Official, Athletics
Official, Basketball
Official, Boxing
Official, Canoeing
Official, Cycling
Official, Equestrian
Official, Fencing
Official, Football
Official, Gymnastics
Official, Hockey
Official, Modern Pentathlon
Official, Rowing
Official, Shooting
Official, Swimming
Official, Weightlifting
Official, Wrestling
Official, Yachting
Organizing Committee, Director
Organizing Committee, President
Participant, Art
Participant, Athletics
Participant, Basketball
Participant, Boxing
Participant, Canoeing
Participant, Cycling
Participant, Equestrian
Participant, Fencing
Participant, Football
Participant, Gymnastics
Participant, Hockey
Participant, Modern Pentathlon
Participant, Rowing
Participant, Shooting
Participant, Swimming
Participant, Weightlifting
Participant, Wrestling
Participant, Yachting
Team Captain, Athletics
Team Captain, Basketball
Team Captain, Boxing
Team Captain, Canoeing
Team Captain, Cycling
Team Captain, Equestrian
Team Captain, Fencing
Team Captain, Football
Team Captain, Gymnastics
Team Captain, Hockey
Team Captain, Modern Pentathlon
Team Captain, Rowing
Team Captain, Shooting
Team Captain, Swimming
Team Captain, Weightlifting
Team Captain, Wrestling
Team Captain, Yachting
Technician, Athletics
Technician, Basketball
Technician, Boxing
Technician, Canoeing
Technician, Cycling
Technician, Equestrian
Technician, Fencing
Technician, Football
Technician, Gymnastics
Technician, Hockey
Technician, Modern Pentathlon
Technician, Rowing
Technician, Shooting
Technician, Swimming
Technician, Weightlifting
Technician, Wrestling

Other Olympic Official Badges: