Olympic Games 1980 Moscow

22th Olympiad


Sports: 23

Events: 203

National Teams: 80

Participants: 5,258


poster olympic games 1980 Moscow

Design by: Wladimir Arsentjev
Size: 58 x 88 cm
Copies: 100.000
Comment: There are 250 different posters with
a total of 18.750.000 copies

  Olympic Posters 1980

The Organising Committee working jointly with Plakat Publishers carried through a programme of publishing Olympic posters. TV viewers saw the first two posters in the final broadcasts from the Games in Montreal. Well-known Soviet artists and photographers were among the designers of the Olympic posters.

poster olympic games 1980 Moscow

Both professional artists and amateurs became interested in the Olympic themes. People from most diverse professions and age groups sent in sketches of their posters. Plakat Publishers cooperated with Soviet art institutes, whose students had chosen Olympic posters as their semester and diploma work.

poster olympic games 1980 Moscow

A series of posters devoted to Soviet sport, the sports programme of the Moscow Olympics and the sports arenas of Moscow, Tallinn, Leningrad, Kiev and Minsk were also put out. The Organising Committee ordered photo-exhibition entitled "Sport in the Land of Soviets". This collection of photographs, consisting of 15 posters, and issued in an edition of 100,000 copies, told about the participation of Soviet athletes in the Olympic Games. Olympic posters were also put out in the form of post-cards. Series of small-format souvenir posters were on sale during the Games.

poster olympic games 1980 Moscow

In 1979 an international competition, "1980 Olympics Poster", was held in Moscow at the initiative of the Organising Committee. Some 4,800 posters were sent from 45 countries, with the most prominent artists taking part. The panel of judges included such well-known artists as H. Bidstrup (Denmark), H. Fukuda (Japan), G. Blum (GDR) and others. During the preparations for the Games, Plakat Publishers, on the recommendation of the Organising Committee put out 250 Olympic posters in a total edition of 18,750,000 copies.
poster olympic games 1980 Moscow

The scope of activities aimed at the Propaganda of the Games of the XXII Olympiad and the promotion of the ideals of the Olympic movement drew attention of millions of people of the world to the Games in Moscow.

Source document:  Official Report 1980, vol 2, page 372


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