Olympic Games 1980 Moscow

22th Olympiad


Sports: 23

Events: 203

National Teams: 80

Participants: 5,258

Winner Medals

Olympic winner medal 1980        Olympic winner medal 1980

1st Place: Gold Medal Material: Gilt Silver
Weight 132 gr
2nd Place: Silver Medal Material: Silver
Weight 125 gr
3rd Place: Bronze Medal Material: Tombac
Weight 120 gr
Diameter: 61.3 mm Design by: Ilya Postol
    Mint: Moscow Mint
Thickness: 3 mm Ribbon: Grass Green, Green, Blue, Red, Ochre, Yellow
Obverse: Victory seated above stadium.
Reverse: Olympic flame over stadium.
Numbers of Medals: Gold:     455                    Silver:   452                      Bronze:   467

The USR gymnasts, winners in women`s team all-round competition. From left: Stella Zakharova, Natalia Shaposhnikova, Elena Naimushina, Nelli Kim, Maria Filatova and Elena Davydova

According to the rules laid down in the Olympic Charter, the Organising Committee provided the award and the commemorative medals. The IOC endorsed the designs at its 80th Session in 1978.

The award medal was designed by Ilya Postol, a young sculptor from Moscow. The obverse bears the traditional Olympic symbol of victory: the goddess Nike holding a laurel wreath; in the lower right-hand corner, a fragment of the Colosseum, above it, the inscription in Cyrillic IGRY XXII Olimpiady. Moskva 1980 (Games of the XXII Olympiad. Moscow 1980)

The reverse depicts a stylised Olympic Bowl with burning flame against the background of a stadium arena. The upper right-hand segment, carries the insignia of the Moscow Olympics. The name of the sport appears on the rim. The medals are fastened to a ribbon bearing the official colours of the 1980 Games. The award medal ist 60 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick.

The gold medal is of Gold-plated (6 grams) fine silver (92,5 per cent); the silver medal, of fine silver (92,5 per cent); and the bronze medal, of tombac (copper with zinc).

(Source document: Official Report 1980, Vol. 2, page 423)

At the edge you can read the sports.

The shown medal has "Boxing" inscribed  in the Russian alphabet.


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