Olympic Games 1964 Tokyo

18th Olympiad


Sports: 21

Events: 163

National Teams: 93

Participants: 5,137

Winner Medals

olympic games winner medal 1964 Tokyo        olympic games winner medal 1964 Tokyo

olympic games winner medal ribbon 1964 Tokyo

Detail from the ribbon

1st Place: Gold Medal Material: Gilt Silver
Weight 103 gr
2nd Place: Silver Medal Material: Silver
Weight 103 gr
3rd Place: Bronze Medal Material: Bronze
Weight 102 gr
Diameter: 63 mm Design by: Prof. Guiseppe Cassioli,
and Toshikaka Koshiba
    Mint: Japanese Mint Tokyo
Thickness: 5 mm Ribbon: Multicolor
Obverse: Victory seated above stadium.
Reverse: Rev. Winner carried by jubilant athletes.
Numbers of Medals: Gold:     314                    Silver:   314                        Bronze:   319

After the victory ceremony, from left:  D. Schollander, 
S. Clark, M. Austin, G. Ilman
4 x 100 m Freestyle relay men`s event, 1964

   Winner medals 1964

Medals were designed by. Mr. Toshitaka Koshiba, Art Officer of the Japanese Mint, after the models of medals of Amsterdam IX Olympiad (1928). On the reverse side of the medals are the letters of  "XVIII OLYMPIAD TOKYO 1964" with the game designation in English of each of the 20 sports (e.g. ATHLETICS).

Medals were of 60 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick. The gold medal is a pure silver mould strongly gilded with 6 grams of fine gold, the silver medal is made of pure silver, and the bronze medal is of bronze. The medals were provided with a ring plated with gold, silver or copper respectively, and a coloured box coated with Japanese black lacquer.

The medals were cast at the Japanese Mint. Some of the surplus medals were presented to public museums and for exhibition purposes, while the remainder were melted down.

(Source document:   Official Report 1964,  Vol. 1, page 229)


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