Olympic Games 1948 London

14th Olympiad


Sports: 21

Events: 153

National Teams: 59

Participants: 4,396

Winner Medals

olympic winner medal 1948 London        olympic winner medal 1948 London

1st Place: Gold Medal Material: Gilt Silver
Weight 69 gr
2nd Place: Silver Medal Material: Silver
Weight 65 gr
3rd Place: Bronze Medal Material: Bronze
Weight 64 gr
Diameter: 51 mm Design by: Prof. Guiseppe Cassioli,
Florence, Italy
* 22.10.1865  + 05.10.1942
    Mint: John Pinches Ltd
Thickness: 4 mm Ribbon: None
Obverse: Victory seated above stadium.
Reverse: Winner carried by jubilant athletes.
Numbers of Medals: Gold:     138                    Silver:   136                        Bronze:   139

olympic winner medal 1948 London        olympic winner medal 1948 London
Images Copyright © by Ulf Ström

Victory ceremony for the women`s long jump, 1948
President of the IOC, Mr. J. Sigfrid Edstrom,  is handing the winner`s medal to
O. Gyarmati, N.S. de Portela and A. Leyman

   Prize Medals 1948

The design used in the 1928, 1932 and 1936 Games for the Olympic medals, modelled by Professor Cassiole of Florence, was again used for the XIV Olympiad, with the alteration of the appropriate wording to " XIV Olympiad, London, 1948."
These were struck in silver-gilt, silver and bronze and the number required based on the number of events and therefore the number of eligible victors. It must be borne in mind that, in computing these numbers, the maximum number for team sports had to be produced, since any reserve of a prize-winning team actually taking part in the Olympic competitions is entitled to a medal.

(Source document:   Official report 1948, page 76)


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