Olympic Games 1976 Montreal

21th Olympiad


Sports: 23

Events: 198

National Teams: 92

Participants: 6,072


poster olympic games 1976 montreal

Design by: Ernst Roch
Size: 59 x 84,5 cm
Copies: 10.000
Comment: There are 21 sport posters, each
10.000 copies

  The Thematic Posters 1976

Posters seem to have played an important role in the image which recent Olympic organizing committees have sought to project. COJO followed the same path, ordering two main series of posters from the Graphics and Design Directorate. The first series illustrated eight themes which the organizers of the Montréal Games wanted to stress in particular.

poster olympic games 1976 montreal

Poster: Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium is shown in a synthesis of geometrical drawings and colors.

poster olympic games 1976 montreal

Poster: Mascot
The beaver, called "Amik," was the mascot of the Montréal Olympic Games. It appears on this poster wearing a ribbon of COJO colors.

Poster: Flag
This poster is a schematic representation of the official emblem in motion. Flying in the wind, the COJO flag acts as a rallying point suggesting mobility.

poster olympic games 1976 montreal

Poster: International Youth Camp
The swarm of ideas and attitudes characteristic of modern youth is illustrated on a background of blue jeans, the favorite dress of young people. Worn on them are buttons symbolizing love, equality of the sexes, return to nature, the search for spiritual values, personal harmony, and the need for brotherhood.

Poster: Olympia and Montréal
The historical tie which now links Olympia and Montréal is represented by the sculptured head of a Greek athlete on a background of the Montréal coat-of-arms.

Poster: Kingston 1976
The six boat classes in the yachting program appear on this poster. Water is represented by waves in COJO colors.

Poster: Olympic Flame
Like a goddess from Olympus, a young Greek woman is a reminder of the origin and antiquity of the Olympic Flame, the sacred fire which inspires the runner and leads him to victory.

poster olympic games 1976 montreal

Sports Posters
The second series of posters commissioned by COJO illustrated the twenty-one sports on the program of the Games of the XXI Olympiad. Each was intended to communicate the action and immediacy of its sport. The Graphics and Design Directorate, therefore, preferred photographic techniques to drawings, where the results might have been colored by the artist's personal interpretation.

poster olympic games 1976 montreal
poster olympic games 1976 montreal

In the search for authenticity and using well defined selection criteria, COJO representatives visited Olympic sites in Munich and selected twenty-one color transparencies from among some 200,000 photos. Each photo had to be suitable for enlargement and reproduction, show readily apparent motion not contrary to the rules or special techniques of the sports, and be as spectacular as possible.

( Source document:   Official Report 1976, Vol. 1, page 320)


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