Olympic Games Berlin 1936

Memorabilias, Souvenirs and the golden Chain, Page 2

The Olympic symbols are intended as tokens of a great moment in the history of sport. They will recall participation and succes to the athletes and remind the visitors of the August days of 1936. The oak tree will grow to the honour of victory, as a living inspiration for future generations. The golden chains of office will be worn by the leaders of sport when the Olympic Bell summons the youth of the world to peaceful combat, and the book of honour will stand as a silent testimonial to all who participated in the Festival of 1936.

The oak tree Berlin 1936

Olympische Spiele 1936 Berlin Telegramm            .

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Official Congratulatory Telegram

Internationaler Sternflug 1936 Berlin .

International Flight to Berlin Olympiad Pilot`s Medal.
71 mm, by Placzek. Eagle in flight. Rev.: Olympic bell.
This medal was presented to pilots upon arrival.
A minimum of 500 km had to be covered in order to qualify for this medal.
Only 54 airplanes did.

Japanese Team Medal Berlin 1936 .

Japanese Team Medal Silver, 36 mm.
Athlete standing on globe holding flag, large Olympic rings in back.
Rev.: Berlin Olympic bell encircled by Japanese legend.

Rad Sternfahrt Berlin 1936 .

Official Olympic Cycling Tour Medal
68 mm, by Placzek. Olympic bell. Rev.: Radiant rings, "Rad-Stern-Fahrt" above.