Olympic Games Berlin 1936

Memorabilias, Souvenirs and the golden Chain, Page 4

Commemorative Olympic Winner Porcelain Plate  Berlin 1936

Commemorative Olympic Winner Porcelain Plate
Lt. blue and white, 19.4 cm. White laureated head of Olympic winner facing torch, Olympic rings below.

Proposed participants badge Berlin 1936

Proposed Participant`s Badge
Enameled in color, 45 mm, Eagle with swastika holding color rings.
The IOC objected to the design and a new badge had to be made.

Commemorative Olympic Winner Porcelain Plate Berlin 1936 .

Lighting of the Olympic Flame in Olympia, Greece Medal 1936
140 mm, by Karl Goetz. Nude athlete lighting flamme in Olympia.
Rev.: Hands within Olympic rings passing laurel branch.

Commemorative Porcelain Olympic Bell Berlin 1936

Commemorative Porcelain Olympic Bell with Clapper 11.8 cm tall,
made by KPM Porcelain Manufactory. German eagle with rings and Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
between dates of 1936 Olympiad, motto "I call the youth of the world" below.

Olympic Village Badge 1936 Berlin

Olympic Village Badge

Handball Skulptur 1936 Berlin

Figure of a marble block "Handball-Player"
foundet the handball olympic champion team Germany
from the highest german sportleader Reichssportführer Hans von Tschammer und Osten.