Olympic Games 2000 Sydney

27th Olympiad


Sports: 34

Events: 300

National Teams: 200

Participants: 10,647


  Ticket Design and Printing

A threshold decision in ticketing for the Sydney Olympic Games was not to use tickets designed to operate any venue access control device. Access control was by the ancient method of tearing the ticket.

Tickets were designed by SOCOG's Look of the Games department in conjunction with the preferred designers Ing Advertising and Design. Forgery was seen as a potential problem. Security features of the Games tickets included a three-part paper process and a hologram. Separate holograms were used for the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony, souvenir ticket stock and thermal ticket stock.

It was also decided to release tickets late in the ordering process to give added security; as it turned out, tickets could not be printed until May/June 2000 anyway, because of the delay in seat assignment.

In April 1999 SOCOG advertised for expressions of interest in ticket printing and order fulfilment. Weldon Williams and Lick of Fort Smith Arkansas USA was selected; this firm had undertaken ticket printing and order fulfilment for the Atlanta Games.

(Source document:  Official Report 2000, Vol. 1, page 281)

ticket olympic games 2000 sydney
ticket olympic games 2000 sydney
ticket olympic games 2000 sydney

Numbers of visitors:  6.700.000

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