Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona

25th Olympiad


Sports: 29

Events: 257

National Teams: 169

Participants: 9,380


  The tickets 1992

Distributing the tickets is one of the most delicate aspects of the Games and on which has undergone the largest number of changes over the history of the event. In the case of Barcelona, it was made clear from the outset which objectives were to be pursued and what their order of importance was to be. The first aim was to provide a good image of the Olympic Games, of the city and of COOB'92; the second was to use a fair system for selling and allocating the tickets; the third was to ensure maximum occupation of the venues; and the last was to secure an optimum revenue from sales.

ticket olympic games 1992 barcelona

The main characteristics of the tickets

The tickets were individual and were valid for a place for one person at a venue. There were no group tickets, i.e., tickets which allowed more than one person into a venue with a single document. Sale by lot, which had been used at other Games, was also discarded, as experience had shown that not all the tickets sold were used. There were, however, tickets for one or more sports, but they were individualised and not in the form of a season ticket to avoid under-use. The prices included a minimum discount of 10% on tickets bought separately, which meant that they sold in large numbers.

Earlier experiences had also shown that linking tickets with accommodation led to exorbitant prices for tourist packages, which meant low sales and therefore, once again, under-use of the tickets. For that reason, COOB'92 adopted as a basic criterion the complete separation of accommodation and tickets for the venues.

ticket olympic games 1992 barcelona


The production of the tickets was entrusted to the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. They were printed on high security paper, very similar to the paper used for banknotes, on which were stamped all the non-variable data, the colour background, the logotypes and a hologram, which made them extremely difficult to forge, especially given the short time available to do so.

(Source document:   Official Report 1992, Vol. 3, page 395)

Numbers of visitors:   3.033.050

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