Olympic Games 2008 Beijing

29th Olympiad


Sports: 34

Events: 302

National Teams: 204

Participants: 10,901


Spectator Services: The Tickets

A ticket entitled a spectator to enter the competition venue. Olympic tickets were hotter than the weather in Beijing, especially the tickets of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. As they were sold via a real name system, these tickets had already been valued by collectors.

Each ticket had a digital chip and a unique serial number, which best featured the tickets of the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Games and helped identify counterfeits. The serial number and the key had to be matched so that spectators could
be admitted to the venues without showing their ID cards, and this saved time in the checkup process as well. BOCOG had employed highend technology and a resale system to beat ticket touters and forgers profiting from the Games.

Ticket 2008

Ticket prices for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were much lower than at previous Games
and affordable for most people, considering the income level of Chinese people. According to the ticket policy, 58 per cent of the tickets were priced at or below 100 yuan (US$12.76) and BOCOG had allocated 14 per cent of all tickets at special prices to encourage attendance from Chinese youth. Student tickets were 5 yuan (US$0.64) for preliminaries and
10 yuan for finals.

Source document: Official Report 2008, Vol. 2, page 189

Ticket 2008

Samples tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Ticket 2008

Ticket 2008

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