Olympic Games 1956 Stockholm

16th Olympiad - Equestrian Games


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Torch and Torch Relay

The Olympic fire

The Olympic Flame, having been lit on the 2nd of June by a burningglas in the ancient Stadium in Olympia, Greece, is carried in an urn by the High Priestess of Zeus, followed by six Vestals, to the altar where a ceremony will take place.

After the dance of triumph by the Vestals, the High Priestess of Zeus makes valedictory invocation before handling the Flame to the first runner in the 325 kms. long relay destance between Olympia and Athens.

In Athens, outside the Olympia Museum, the Olympic Fire is handed over to a representative of SAS. He is lighting a hurricane lamp for the Flame to be taken by a plane to Scandinavia. Present at the cerenony are members oft the Hellenic Olympic Committee and a guard of young Greek women.

A few hours later the Olympic Flame arrives at Kastrup airport at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is received by Captain L. Kirkebjerg ahead of the Danish Olympic team.

One of the riders who carry the Olympic Torch on horseback into the city is Lis Hartel, Olympic Silver Medal in Dressage in 1952.

In front of the Copenhagen Town Hall Mr. Poul Ingholt, President of the Danish Olympic Committee, has handed the Flame to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Mr. S. Munk. The Olympic Flame is being kept overnight under military guard of honour in the Town Hall and is transported on the following day by air to Malmö in south Sweden. Mr. Bo Ekelung, Vice President of the Organizing Committee is handing the Torch to Mrs. Britta Eriksson, head of the Malmö Auxiliary Women`s Autocorps.

Members of the riding clubs of Malmö escort the Flame carried on horseback to Malmö. Heading the group is Lieutenant-Colonel Bengt Berge.

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Cavalry Captain Axel Stähle holding the Olympic Torch during a ceremony in Malmö prior to the riders`start on their long way up to Stockholm. 16 Swedish riding clubs arrange the complete ride. 150 riders participate. Members of the Malmö Auxiliary Women`s Autocorps form the escort. five days and nights they travel.

Source of document: Official Report 1956 Stockholm

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General torch and torch relay information 1956 Stockholm
Description: Cut-out rings above legend: "XVI OLYMPIAD 1956: OLYMPIA-STOCKHOLM"
Material Aluminum alloy;
Fuel: Hexamine in the form of tablets;
Torch measure: Lenght: 47 cm      Weight: 960 gr
Torches total: about 5 torches were used,
less than 10 torches are known
Design by: Ralph Lavers
Date of the torch relay: 2. June - 10. June 1956
Duration: 9 days
Numbers of riders: about 10 - 20 in Denmark
150 riders in Sweden
Distance total:  
Name of the last rider: Hans Wikne

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Olympic Torch Relay 1956 Olympia - Stockholm
In the space of time from 02.06. - 10.06.1956
Country Date Distance Runners /
Greece 02.06. 325 km 330  
Airplane to
Denmark     20  
Airplane to
Sweden 06.06.  - 10.06.1956   150  
Total     500  


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