Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro

31th Olympiad


Sports: 28

Events: 306

National Teams: 205

Participants: 11,238

The Torch

Olympic Torch 2016
Olympic Torch 2016
Olympic Torch 2016
Olympic Torch 2016

Images Copyright © by Stratos Klimou

General torch and torch relay information 2016
Description: The colorful layers reflect the Ground (like the Copacabana Promenade), the Sea (blue ocean ripples), the Mountains (green natural beauty surrounding Rio) and the Sky at the top with the yellow sun (the flame).
Material: Recicled aluminum and resin
Torch measure: Lenght: 69 cm      Weight: 1.500 gr
Torches total: 12.000
Design by: Sao Paulo studio Chelles & Hayashi
Manufacturer: Recam Laser
Date of the torch relay: 21.04.2016 - 05.08.2016
21.04. - 28.04.2016 in Greece
29.05. - 30.05.2016 in Switzerland
03.05. - 05.08.2016 in Brazil
Duration: 107 days
Numbers of runners: about 450 in Greece
about 12.000 in Brazil
Distance total: about 2.235 km in Greece
about 20.000 km in Brazil
Name of the last runner: Gustavo Kuerten
Hortencia Mrcari
Vanderlei de Lima

The route of the 2016 Torch Relay in Brazil


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