Olympic Games 2012 London

30th Olympiad


Sports: 32

Events: 302

National Teams: 205

Participants: 10,519

Torch and Torch Relay

torch 2012
 Image Copyright ©  by Stratos Klimou

The torch has been designed by internationally-acclaimed designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, in partnership with Basildon-based product engineers Tecosim and Coventry-based manufacturers The Premier Group.

General torch and torch relay information 2012
Description: Triangular form made out of an inner and outer sheet with 8000 holes representing the 8000 torch bearers in Great Britain
Material: Gold-colored aluminum alloy
Torch measure: Lenght: 80 cm      Weight: 800 gr
with fuel Canister 1,090 gr
Torches total: about 8,000
Design by: Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
Manufacturer: The Pdremier Group, Coventry
Date of the torch relay: 10.05.2012 - 27.07.2012
Duration: 79 days
Numbers of runners: about 8,000
Distance total: about 8,000 miles
Name of the last runner: Sir Steven Redgrave (retired British rower), than seven young athletes together light the Olympic cauldron.

Torch 2012 detail
Torch 2012 detail
                         Images Copyright ©  by Stratos Klimou
    Five facts about the London 2012 Olympic Torch:

1. It has 8,000 small cut-out circles, one for each of the 8,000 inspirational people     who will carry it on its journey around the UK.
2. You can see through the holes to the burner system inside that keeps the Flame     alight.
3. The Torch is 800mm high.
4. It weighs 800g.
5. It is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy and is a golden colour.

Torch 2012 detail
  Image Copyright ©  by Stratos Klimou

Olympic Safty lamp 2012

Safty Lamp


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